We breed for quality puppies that will make excellent house pets, companions, or breed, agility, herding and obedience prospects. We breed only occasionally. Parents are screened through OFA (hips), CERF (eyes) and are checked for VwD (clotting disorder) prior to planning the breeding.

Litters are raised in the house, and have access to an outside run via a doggie door, which they learn to use by 5 weeks of age. In my experience, this is the best way for them to develop into happy, sound and interactive pets for their new families. I leave the moms with their puppies for the first 8 weeks. The puppies are introduced to lots and lots of sounds and things they will deal with their whole lives, from vacuum cleaners to noisy TVs, washing machines, stereos, noisy birds and cats!! Having the puppies right in the busiest spot in the house also helps evaluate their personalities. Individual puppies in a litter can be pushy, bossy, submissive or unsure ­ Some puppies do better in different situations.
Knowing the puppies’ personalities helps me in placing them in the very best homes
for their temperaments.

Puppies leave for their new homes at between 10-12 weeks of age. At this time, they will have at least 2 sets of vaccinations, be doggie-door trained, and crate trained. Pet puppies are sold on a limited registration by AKC. Show prospects are available only on co-ownership.


Current litters

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